Sunday, 8 June 2014

Listen to the band

It's the season of Sunday afternoon bandstand concerts in our local parks. Saltaire's Roberts Park is fortunate to have both a bandstand (erected when the park was renovated in 2010, to replace the long-lost Victorian original) and a group of people willing to put in the effort to arrange a programme of concerts. I think the concerts are sponsored by the local Council but it also needs volunteers in the park on the day, setting out chairs and suchlike. The programme over the summer months includes all kinds of music and singing but in my opinion nothing beats a brass band. For one thing it's the only music with enough 'oomph' (or should that be 'oompah'?) to carry well beyond the immediate confines of the bandstand.  I enjoyed listening to the Bradford Metropolitan Concert Band from my high vantage point in the North Shelter.


  1. Love this shot Jenny.. I'm a big fan of views through arches and yes totally agree, a brass band all the way :)

  2. That's a postcard-worthy shot, Jenny!

  3. The arch framing is good, but what really catch my attention are those lovely clouds. It is as if an artist painted them.


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