Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saltaire traffic lights

Saltaire roundabout has been Saltaire traffic lights for quite a few months now, though they are still adding the finishing touches to it.  Saltaire Road was closed to vehicles last Sunday, causing some congestion at the bottom end of the village as people tried to find another route through. But it was novel and pleasant to walk up through the village and notice how quiet it is without traffic.

The new traffic lights do make it feel a huge amount safer and less stressful driving up and joining the main Bradford road. Previously it always felt like taking your life in your hands, trying to negotiate the very busy roundabout - and several people had tragically lost their lives at the junction before the will/money was found to do something about it. It has not solved the congestion problem and at rush times there is always a long traffic jam in all directions, but it is far safer, I think.

See here for what it used to look like, a view taken from more or less the same spot.

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  1. I could never drive with those roundabouts and trying to cross here by foot would have been a real event!


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