Friday, 13 June 2014

Saltaire, World Heritage Site

A recent addition to Saltaire's streetscape, this triangular stone proclaims the area's World Heritage status. About time too.... It has been added as part of the recent reorganisation of the road junction at what used to be Saltaire roundabout.

Saltaire, designated in 2001, is one of 28 places in the UK to be awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. The list includes such varied and amazing places as Stonehenge, Edinburgh, Blenheim Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Giant's Causeway, Dorset's Jurassic coast and St Kilda. I'd like to visit all of them some day. I think that would be a good target to aim for! I have already seen 15 of them at some point during my life, though most of those I'd love to go back to. When I was younger, the significance of such sites hadn't really hit my consciousness but now I realise how important it is to appreciate, conserve and promote the beauty and history of our nation and other key sites across the globe.


  1. That's a good target to have, Jenny. I must confess that until I started blogging about places to see in Britain, I didn't realise we had as many WH sites, or even what one was if I'm being honest! Not sure I really know now, but all the ones I've visited, including Saltaire, have something unique and special about them.

  2. That's a great honour for your town and I'm sure well worthy of it, so it's nice to see the stone in a prominent place. I've just returned from a long visit to Europe and the UK and whilst in Italy visited the beautiful Unesco World Heritage city of Urbino where Raphael was born,

  3. It is certainly a special place!

  4. I'm sure Saltaire deserves it -- the state of preservation and its historic importance.


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