Sunday, 1 June 2014

Those clever Romans

The lowest level of Diocletian's original Roman palace is very well-preserved, largely due to the fact that over the centuries people threw their rubbish into it! It has been carefully excavated in parts so that the original brickwork with its soaring vaults and arches can be explored and wondered at. I thought it was really stunning. You can easily join a guided tour through these areas and venture into the various temples and the Cathedral, which was originally Diocletian's mausoleum and is now a glorious mixture of orthodox Catholicism and Roman splendour.

The Palace was built of locally made bricks, white limestone and marble from the nearby island of Brac. It was also decorated with items plundered from other historic sites, such as 3500 year old sphinxes from Egypt, of which just three have survived.


  1. Wherever I go from the UK to Egypt, over many countries, the Romans have been there before me !

  2. It is stunning! Wow! Just beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous! Those Romans were something else -- like Gattina, I was amazed to find their aqueducts etc. popping up all over Europe.

  4. You saw more of this palace than I did. I am learning new things about it. Maybe I should have taken a tour!


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