Thursday, 5 June 2014

Three x 50mm from Budva

My theme for May for my online photography group was 'Fixed focal length'. I don't have a prime lens for my Nikon, in fact I only have the kit 18-55mm zoom lens it came with. Nevertheless, I set about experimenting with the lens set at 50mm and these are the results. I was trying to explore both close-up, medium range and longer views, all with the same focal length.  I am quite pleased with the background to the bottle-brush plant - I don't often achieve bokeh in my photos!

Budva is a coastal town in Montenegro, a very old settlement dating back 3500 years. It was ruled from Venice for over 400 years and the architecture in the old town is of Venetian design. It was devastated by an earthquake in 1979 and has since been rebuilt. Now it is a thriving tourist destination on the Adriatic coast, with several sandy beaches.


  1. I know nothing about photography, but love the pic of the bottle-brush plant. I thought Budvar was something to do with beer, but that's probably just how my mind works!

  2. Stunning photography, Jenny
    Such detail ~ Eddie

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  4. Enjoyable photographs Jenny! No photo geek here, just love the photos of places to which I have never been.
    Fascinated to see a Bottle Brush (Callistemon sp.) in a European setting. we have plenty of exotic plants growing here in Australia so it's good to see some of our more spectacular ornamentals living overseas.

  5. I like your photo of the bottle brush plant. One thing you would be likely to get with a prime lens that you probably don't have with your zoom lens is a wider-open possible aperture, so you could operate in lower light and, by opening up the aperture, you can achieve a much faster shutter speed than your zoom permits.

  6. Love the bottlebrush Jenny, a very familiar sight to me :) I find with my 50m lens if I pinpoint focus on the subject the background blurs quite nicely, its a lot easier with the prime lens though.


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