Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ilkley rocks

Taking a break from the RHS Gardens... for a quick trip up on t'moors to see the heather. To Ilkley Moor, to be precise (and yes, I was wearing my hat because everyone one knows that Ilkla Moor bah't 'at is a dangerous place!)  Right up on the edge of the moor, above the town of Ilkley, these famous rocks are known as the Cow and Calf. They have been a popular destination for walkers, novice climbers, families and courting couples for decades. In fact I gather my aunt and uncle did much of their courting round here, when she was training to be a teacher in nearby Bradford.

Further up on the moorland plateau, there are mysterious standing stones. The ones pictured below are part of a prehistoric circle known as the Twelve Apostles. Some of the flat stones hereabouts have markings known as 'cup and ring' marks, thought to be art or religious symbols dating back to prehistoric times.


  1. The moors and heather are beautiful. I remember my mum often talking about visiting the moors and I remember her singing that song.

  2. It's a beautiful spot. Wish I could have joined you to enjoy the heather and the view.

  3. Ah, the moors! Thanks for showing them. I would love to do some hiking up there. And, I would wear a hat.

  4. Mention of Ilkley Moor has unleashed a wealth of memories of early days with my family (all sadly now deceased) - thank you. Fascinating to be able to put "a face" to the song of yesteryear! (Thank you too for dropping by my blog)


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