Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Little boxes

Does anyone remember that song: 'Little boxes'? It was recorded by Pete Seeger in 1963 - and I can still sing it! So that does age me, but it is one of those tunes that really sticks in your head. 'Little boxes on a hillside.. and they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same'. Well, Saltaire's little houses may fit the description up to a point, but anyone who has carefully toured the village will know that in fact they are not 'all just the same'. There are big ones and small ones, two storeys, three storeys, some with rounded windows, some with square, some with gardens, some without. But still, a pleasing sense of harmony overall.


  1. Very quaint.
    And yes, I remember singing that song in class in the seventies!

  2. Love much, ,greeting from Belgium

  3. I remember it. Your picture illustrate it well.

  4. We noticed the differences as we wandered about town.

  5. It is your fault! Now I am going to be singing that song to myself for the next couple of days.

    Little Boxes was the theme music for an American television series, Weeds, about a suburban mother with financial problems who decided to grow and sell marijuana to balance the books.

  6. Well, you can guess what song I'll be singing tonight. This picture couldn't be more perfect.


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