Monday, 3 November 2014

A shadow of myself

I had quite a lot of catching up to do this weekend, following another few days on granny duty in London. (Things are not improving there as fast as they might.... Whilst my daughter seems to have recovered well from the nasty infection she contracted after the birth of her second child, my three year old granddaughter now has chicken pox! We're hoping that the baby will have some immunity and will not get it.)

Our autumn weather, however, is so mild and sunny - so NOT like November - that it seemed criminal not to be out enjoying it. So the chores were abandoned in favour of a short walk along my favourite route - along the canal towpath, past Hirst Lock, through the woods and back along the river. Hmm, maybe I've been on granny duty too long. That sentence sounds suspiciously like 'Bears in the Night'. I didn't go 'up spook hill' despite it being Halloween. But I did spot someone who looked just like a shadow of myself.


  1. Excellent photograph. I have a real fondness for shadows captured like this.

  2. Under the tree and across the field and over the hill. Great shot of the bear in the sun.

  3. Hi Janny - just glad your daughter is doing well ... chicken pox isn't funny, but I sincerely the family will recover from it ... as you say we had incredible weather .. sadly it's changing now .. cheers Hilary

  4. Let's hope that in a few years the whole family will look back at this series of illnesses and shake their collective heads and laugh.

    I see you! Love the shadow shot. Late some afternoons I see shadows of myself and they are so looooonng that I don't think anyone would recognize them as a person.

  5. Oh I hope everyone feels better soon. And after I have been with the kids, certain phrases stick with me too. Love the photo too!


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