Thursday, 20 November 2014

Floating hotel

Gosh, it's a full three years since I first noticed the Lady Teal moored in Saltaire.  Perhaps I'm not very observant - though I don't spend all my time down by the canal, of course, so I may just have missed her visits. Here she was again, moored alongside Salts Mill. This was back in September, a photo I took on one of my lunch-time walks and then never got round to posting. For those that missed my original post in 2011 (here), this is a luxurious hotel boat that cruises the Leeds-Liverpool Canal from April to September, offering slow-paced tranquillity and a lot of pampering, by the sound of it.  It's still on my wish list....!


  1. Hi Jenny - yes ... I think I just added it to my wish-list ... what a lovely thought of being able to see the countryside from the waterway ... looks really good .. cheers Hilary

  2. Yes, this is something I have thought about doing one of these days. It just never gets high enough on my own bucket list.

  3. Now that is my idea of a cruise. Slow paced, always close to land, and YES to the pampering!



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