Thursday, 6 November 2014

Looking up 3

Possibly my favourite spot in Saltaire for looking up, just to marvel at the size of the great chimney at Salts Mill. Observed from close to its base, it seems to soar upwards right to the heavens. I find it breathtaking - and to think that at one time it went even higher because it was originally crowned with an ornate top, which had to be removed when it became unsafe.
Equally breathtaking is the view from the top.... See my series of pictures posted in October 2012, here.


  1. Hi Jenny - incredible workmanship and to think it was done without cranes etc ... man is amazing in his creativity ... and bravery, or having no choice, in building these edifices ...

    Love the shot - cheers Hilary

  2. I can see why this chimney appeals to you. A golden obelisk.

    (I didn't buy the poster on the trip. I had found it earlier on a poster dealer's website and had it held for me until I had the chance to visit Capri and satisfied myself that I loved the island.)


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