Friday, 14 November 2014

Water, mill

Tranquil reflections give no indication that, just beyond the former mill building, the River Aire crashes over a weir, which I have photographed many times. (Click Hirst Weir label below). Actually I can rarely recall seeing such perfect reflections here before. There was hardly a breath of wind on this day.

Once a corn mill driven by a water wheel, the mill was converted to a paper mill in the 19th century. Intriguingly, it has faded white lettering on one wall that says 'Washed Cloths'.

For more lovely reflection pictures, go to Weekend Reflections, hosted by James.

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  1. Hi Jenny - sorry about the spam = a pain.

    This is amazing and as you say ... so mill pond like ... I love that our predecessors adapted to the needs of the day - corn, then paper, and then perhaps a laundry of some sort ...

    Take care - we are soaking quietly down here ... Hilary

  2. Beautiful - Constable with a Camera...did you get the amusing (well I thought so anyway) rant from the nutcase about how American women? There are some sad folk out there.

    1. Yes, I got the rant twice. Amusing in a way but offensive too, and not what I want my American friends, or anyone else, to read on my blog.

  3. It's hard to imagine the hustle and bustle that must have surrounded these places in the past or to believe that in such locations the industrial revolution was born.

  4. What a beautiful and peaceful scenery ! I think of old dutch paintings ..
    Sorry for spams , I hope it won"t last long.

  5. That is so beautiful, Jenny!

  6. What a beautiful setting captured so wonderfully by you.

  7. What a quiet beautiful spot. And a perfect participation !

  8. Our friend John from Cambridge expressed my own thoughts. Today we look at this scene and we see something quiet and quaint and picturesque. But, in days past, it was busy and noisy and the center of a rapidly growing economy.

  9. This is so pretty and tranquil!

  10. A beautiful picture. So sorry you're being spammed!


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