Saturday, 30 May 2015

An artist's studio

Saltaire Arts Trail 2015 - Ann Davies is a very talented artist who lives in Shipley and has a studio in the artists' community above The Butterfly Rooms shop and gallery on Gordon Terrace in Saltaire. [She also happens to be a good friend of mine.] Ann creates wonderfully intricate watercolour and ink drawings of local scenes - many famous Saltaire landmarks among them. She also writes illustrated stories, makes whimsical sculptures and dolls and will capture details of your wedding in beautiful paintings. The doll in red on the desk is 'The Lady who wore her Heart on her Sleeve' , who appears in pictures and a book too. Ann is probably THE most creative artist I personally know and I've watched her work get more and more confident and exciting over the years. Do take a look at her website - you'll see some familiar scenes in a new way.

She's also generously encouraging of other people's talent. It was Ann who persuaded me to exhibit some of my photos in the Half Moon Café a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately Ann wasn't 'in' when I called, otherwise I'd have taken a portrait of 'the artist in her studio'. She doesn't know I took these pics either... but I'm sure she won't mind me showing them.

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