Sunday, 10 May 2015

Big bird

An added attraction to Yeadon Tarn is that it lies just at the edge of the runway for Leeds-Bradford airport. Seeing such big planes taking off and landing still gives me a mild thrill. I vividly recall standing by an airport perimeter fence with my dad when I was little, watching planes, in the days when it seemed unthinkable that we'd ever be able to travel in one. I think Leeds-Bradford airport is probably busier with holiday flights in the mornings and early evenings. There were only two large aircraft landed in the hour or two that I was there, though a few smaller planes were whizzing about too. They don't seem to bother the wildlife.


  1. You might turn in to a plane spotter now.

  2. Taking photos like that could land you in jail in some countries. I remember that there was an observation gallery at Heathrow where you could sit and watch the planes coming in and going out. It was a special treat when I was a little boy. I seem to remember that there was a long time to wait between planes in those days, though I'll admit that my reserves of patience were not that great when I was six!

    1. So true about our freedom, John. Good to remember that and be thankful, every now and again.

  3. It was a real treat to go out to the airport and watch planes coming and going when I was a kid!

  4. I am surprised that the park is so close to a significant airport. John is right about getting in trouble with a camera near an airport. I have gone to the Naples municipal airport a few times (it is mainly for corporate aircraft and private planes) and felt that a security guard would appear if I stayed too long.

  5. We used to watch the planes at Ohare airport when we lived in Chicago. This picture is really eye catching!


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