Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I'm afraid I have no photos of the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race that took place over the weekend. You'll have to be content with my impish little granddaughter... but that's not really a hardship is it?

As I've said, the weather was fairly awful (though it did in fact brighten up a little by the time the race reached Ilkley). So I decided to offer to look after E so that her mum and dad could enjoy a bit of time together and watch the race relatively unencumbered. They had M with them but she sleeps well in a baby sling and even when she's awake she is usually remarkably content. She's still a good deal more portable than a lively three year old. The race wouldn't have been all that much fun for E, especially in the rain. There's a lot of walking and waiting for just a few minutes excitement.

So they enjoyed cheering the riders up the 'Côte de Cow and Calf' in Ilkley... (if you really want photos, see here for some good ones).... whilst E rediscovered the toy box at gran's. When the rain stopped we went across to the Shipley Glen Tramway and had a ride up and down. There used to be fun things to do at the top - a small amusement park - but that has gone, so we just bought some old-fashioned Dolly Mixture sweets in the shop and rode back down again.

A little time in the playground and a few practice runs on her new scooter finished off a very happy afternoon.

Since I don't see the children very often I really notice the differences in them from one visit to the next. I love the way E 'revisits' everything in my house. She always wants to go into every room and often repeats the same patterns of play - rearranging my collection of wooden ducks, taking apart the Russian doll and putting it back together again, pretending to sleep in my bed. I notice she is developing in her ability to play imaginatively; she spent ages playing with a little doll's house set I have. She's also noticeably more confident running, jumping and climbing.

So lovely to spend time with her and I am very happy to think they will soon be moving much nearer to me.


  1. The joys of grandmotherhood! Love this post.

  2. She is adorable and how fortunate for you that they will be moving closer. My 3 year old grandson lives just minutes from me and I have been taking care of him during the week days while my son and his wife are at work since he was 6 weeks old. My other grandson who is 10 and my granddaughter (she is 6) used to live just as close, but moved 4 hours away a couple of years ago. I'm still not used to it and miss them terribly!

  3. Another pretty blond in the family! You probably had more fun with her than at the race.


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