Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Let there be light

Having chopped down all the trees on Victoria Road, the local council are now 'sprucing up' the area. They've planted a few (a very few) new, smaller trees at the top of the road by the almshouses and are reinstating the pavements where they'd been damaged by tree roots. Now they are replacing all the lamp posts with 'faux Victorian' ones. That has meant getting rid of the original Victorian cast iron lamps and also the concrete ones that were installed at some point in the past to supplement the little Victorian lamps.  (Both types are visible in this earlier shot.) The new ones are much taller, painted green instead of black (I gather they think they were originally green..) and have fancy twisted lighting filaments - perhaps they are 'greener' too? I haven't seen them lit yet but I'm told they have a brighter, whiter light. Of course, the originals were - originally - gas lights, so they couldn't go back to that! I suppose everyone will get used to them in time, though they look to me to be a bit out of proportion with the surroundings - or perhaps with themselves. (Surely with that length of stem the lamp should be a bit bigger?) They don't appear to be replacing the lamps down the drive to the church or those on the station platform, so anyone smitten by nostalgia can gaze at those instead.


  1. All that needs to go now is that telephone line! Nice every day life scene.

  2. You don't sound convinced.

  3. Give them time, jennyfreckles. It seems that the local council has chosen a pretty nice streetlight design and it is a near certainty that they will have energy efficient characteristics. You will eventually like both the light they throw and the look.

    (Sorry that visits need to be rare for a few more weeks. Time, electricity and wifi are all problems . . . the power is scheduled to go off in half an hour and remain off for five hours or longer.) BTW, a flock of guinea fowl is a confusion; don't you love it?


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