Sunday, 31 May 2015

Saltaire meets the East Coast

Saltaire Arts Trail 2015 - Another of the artists exhibiting in the 'Made in Saltaire' strand of the Arts Trail was Ian Burdall. I've enjoyed seeing his exhibitions over several years and he is another creative whose work has come on in leaps and bounds. Ian started as a photographer and that's really how I got to know him but in recent years he has made the switch to painting in oils. His subject matter is often boats and coastal scenes inspired by Yorkshire's East Coast. His work is bold, colourful and distinctive, often painted on quite big canvases. Stirring stuff!


  1. Fascinating series of posts about the Saltaire Arts Trail, Jenny. And beautifully photographed - as usual!

  2. Painting and drawing boats is very difficult. Those paintings look very impressive.

  3. So many artists in a small town! It must be nice for them to have a bit of a colony.


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