Thursday, 28 May 2015

Willow fantasies

Saltaire Arts Trail 2015 - Among my favourites of all the exhibits in the Arts Trail were these willow sculptures by Julia Clarke. They managed to be timeless yet modern, fluid yet solid, suggestive of nature  - both in the materials and in the shapes - yet man-made. I thought: weaver birds nests, a bittern, Camilla's wedding hat (a Philip Treacy creation that, incidentally, I loved)! I enjoyed the way they were displayed in a very simple whitewashed room with a stone hearth and sisal carpet. (Looking in other people's houses is always part of the fun of the Open Houses.)

The only downside was that the room was so compact that even with my camera lens on its widest angle I couldn't quite get the top and bottom in the frame.

There were also some willow sculptures in the nearby garden of the College, looking equally at home outside.


  1. Makes you realise how clever some little birds are to make something like that. (And how stupid some old birds are to wear something like that on their head!)

  2. I tried willow weaving during a recent holiday and it isn't easy! I love these - specially the ones outside.

  3. I love these! 20 years ago in a previous house, we had a huge willow tree in our yard. I made some very fun wreaths out of the ever present fallen branches...these would have been a great inspiration for me!


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