Wednesday, 13 January 2016

And she's off....

We are fortunate that the town of Halifax is almost equidistant between my daughter's new home and mine - and even more fortunate that it holds the fabulous National Children's Museum: Eureka. The museum was in its infancy when my daughter was a child but is continually renewed and re-envisioned and has gone from strength to strength. My granddaughters love it - and so do we adults, as it is a wonderful place to take them when the weather precludes outdoor play. With both children still being under school age we can go during the week when it's quieter. It gets packed, as you can imagine, at weekends and holidays.

On our recent visit, E, who is four, was captivated by the workshop devoted to transport. She 'drove' a lorry, took a car through a carwash, filled up with petrol and then donned overalls to change the tyres. A future in Formula One looks assured. One-year-old M was curious at first ... 

but then decided the smooth floors were perfect for getting in some walking practice. She is so proud of her new-found skills and balance.

Up...  steady...  and off she goes.....

The museum is not government funded; it's an educational charity and to continue it relies on the entrance fee (fairly hefty, but it allows unlimited visits on an annual pass), profits from the shop and café and donations. The galleries are devoted to how we live and work, how our bodies work (there's a wonderful bit explaining about pregnancy, complete with an ultrasound scan where you can hear a baby's heartbeat; also some useful stuff about teeth and dentists), sound, other environments (desert, ice) and many other exhibits designed to get children exploring hands-on, dressing up, creating things, imagining and thinking. If I won the lottery I'd give them a huge donation. It's such a brilliant place for 0-11s.


  1. I don't think there is anything like that here, Jenny!
    I watched that show Last Tango in Halifax - didn't know it was near you. Loved the show.

  2. It sounds like a brilliant place for little ones - and big ones too!

  3. I can see a place like that getting packed. We do have a children's museum in one of our museums here, and it's always busy and loud- when one doesn't have kids, such as in my case, it can be headache inducing!

  4. What a wonderful museum. Your granddaughters are adorable!

  5. What a great place! And look at that little one go!

  6. Hi Jenny - how lovely to see - and what a great attraction to have locally for you all to visit ... well worth the fee for such enjoyment whenever you want to visit ...

    Great fun - so pleased for you all .. cheers Hilary

  7. That must be very educative for the children and fun too !


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