Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Après le deluge 3

Although the rain has lessened off to a fine drizzle interspersed with heavier showers it is still incredibly wet - and very mild too, so that spring bulbs are coming up and the willows have a fine sheen of spring colour already. It looks like we are about to be shocked by a colder spell starting this week though...

Not to be deterred by the weather, I set off along the canal towards the aqueduct, intending to walk back on the riverbank, and just interested to see what damage the recent floods did along that stretch. The river, as you can see above, is still very full indeed (those trees are normally on the bank) and the current is very strong. The poor ducks were being taken on the equivalent of a rollercoaster ride if they ventured into the flow.

To see more or less the same stretch of river in February 2014, click here. I thought it was full then!

There are a lot of trees down. I can't remember it being really windy but maybe the force of the water brought down some vulnerable ones. This one blocked the path and I had to climb over it.

There are new waterfalls coursing down the hillsides.

In parts, the riverside path is all but washed away.

And at this point I gave up and retraced my steps, not being inclined to risk trying to balance on those wobbly little stones without anything to steady me. The current, even in this small side stream, is strong and the water deeper than it looks. With my camera and iPhone, I didn't want to risk dropping several hundred £s worth of equipment in the water! I should have worn wellies but I had my hiking shoes on and they are not fully waterproof.

This is where the Aire flows under the canal aqueduct. There is a huge amount of debris clogging up the watercourse and I don't suppose that makes things any better. Some bridges in some areas have been very badly damaged by the force of water and debris hitting up against them.


  1. Even with the water going down, those still look like dangerous conditions.

  2. It looks pretty violent, Jenny!

  3. My goodness! A mess that will take a long while to clean up!