Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Dot spot

Saltaire's shop windows, particularly those down on Victoria Road opposite Salt's Mill, are wonderful catchers of reflections. Here, the elegant south front of the mill dominates, whilst snowflakes appear to be falling from the clouds. Dot the Jewellers make beautiful bespoke rings. It would be the first place on my list to visit if I ever won the lottery!


  1. A very nice reflection, Jenny!

  2. Interesting name for such an establishment, and a terrific reflection!

  3. I see the snowflakes above the mills. We save one of the "L"s in jeweler over here. (Like we save the "U" in color and parlor.) There is a big frenzy on this side of the pond about a lottery that will be drawn on Saturday with a prize of more the $700 million (more than a billion pounds). If I win, you can have the ring.


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