Friday, 1 January 2016


As well as the 'official' windows that make up the advertised trail of Saltaire's Living Advent Calendar, it seems that more and more households are taking the time and trouble to dress their windows attractively, either with lights or pictures or more. I loved this one, though the photo does not really convey that it is a 3D scene rather than simply a flat picture. I can't really guess at its exact meaning but it is perhaps some kind of tribute - a love message of some kind. There's more to it than meets the eye, I think. It seems a fitting illustration to welcome in the New Year.

Hoping 2016 is a happy, healthy and enjoyable year for us all.

Once again, many thanks to all those who take the time to look at and comment on my blog. It is a privilege to read your thoughts and a joy to hear from so many people right across our beautiful world. A special commendation too for all those who comment in English when that is not your first language - much appreciated! I find it difficult at the moment to keep up with regularly visiting and commenting on other people's blogs, though I do try and it is a delightful pastime when I can find the time. Hoping retirement later this year will help with that! I often wish Blogger would instigate a 'like' button, as in Facebook. At least then we'd be able to say 'I visited'! 


  1. Hi Jenny - if that is 3D as you mention and now I can sort of see it ... what a great set of Saltaire photos you've given us.

    You too - as retirement draws on - that'll be great more time for things in general ... but for now - hope your region doesn't suffer any further than it's had to so far with the December floods ...

    All the best and a very happy New Year - cheers Hilary

  2. It is a good one and it even has your famous church in it!

  3. It is beautiful! Happy New Year.

  4. Its a nice idea decorating the windows. Happy New Year to you and your family. (I agree there should be a button that says "I've read your post"

  5. This is a beautiful window and I can see a kind of box 3D effect. I agree about a like button, but don't be hard on yourself Jenny, you work as well. I struggle to visit all my favourite blogs and I'm retired! Your scenes of the floods were tragic, I read about you moving house, I hope you haven't been affected where you are now.

  6. Lovely window! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. I feel as if I know your part of the world.

  7. This has some similarities with German lichterbogen, which use series of cut-outs of flat wood to create images at Christmas time.

    Jennyfreckles, your visits are most welcome when you can do it.


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