Saturday, 16 January 2016

Hirst Wood Nature Reserve

The recently created nature reserve beside Hirst Wood locks wasn't affected by the Boxing Day flooding and appears to be going from strength to strength. It's only a small area but they have packed it full of interest. I think the pond already existed as a boggy area but has been made deeper and better and there is a lovely boardwalk to it. There are bug 'hotels', bird feeders, nest boxes and a basic but adequate viewing hide. Seats, paths, walls - all represent a lot of hard work but already connections have been made with local schools and I am sure as everything settles in it will really benefit the local area. I'm afraid they have suffered some vandalism already, which may always be an issue in the location it is situated. It would be nice if people would learn to respect others' efforts to improve the neighbourhood.

This is what it looked like exactly a year ago, see here for my post about the beginning:


  1. Quite a difference in time, but a very pleasing result. We need places like this in the world, especially in spots where there's not a lot of that to spare.

    As for vandals, some people have no respect or regard for anything but themselves, unfortunately.


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