Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter boating

The mild weather has meant more boat movements on the canal than is often the case in winter. When the canal ices over, they are forced to stay put but that hasn't happened yet this season. This narrowboat, moored temporarily by the towpath in Saltaire, seems to be someone's permanent home, not just a leisure craft.

The Leeds-Liverpool Canal through Saltaire was mercifully unscathed by the recent heavy rain and flooded river. It runs through at a level higher up the hillside than the river level. Though it is pretty full, to some extent they can regulate the amount of water it holds. The Rochdale Canal in the Calder valley was not so lucky. The Calder overflowed and merged with the canal and there were narrowboats left strewn like toys and stranded at odd angles all down the canal.


  1. Hi Jenny - not so nice now ... but interesting to read about the effects of the rain on the two canals, and their sitings on the landscape.

    Cheers Hilary

  2. I've always loved watching those boats. Nice photo!
    Thanks for visiting my blogs:)

  3. Here our Canal gets lowered for the winter, and any boats removed in October for dry docking.

  4. Some of those boats are so beautiful and I hope they weren't damaged a lot.

  5. I like this image. I would like to take a narrow boat ride some day, but I don't think I would fit.

  6. When living in the bog city I was always tempted to seek out one of these boats.
    What a way to live. However a wee bit cold in February!


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