Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Dancing in the street

Saltaire Festival 2016 - Dancing in the street was happening all over Saltaire. The Four Hundred Roses belly dance group were hosting several other folk dance sides so there were many opportunities to watch them, at different sites around the village. It's interesting to see the different dance traditions. The ladies above are a Cotswold Morris group (hankies, bells and sticks) from Hebden Bridge called The Hill Millies. Their unusual dress of aprons, hair rollers, headscarves and orange dusters is not as traditional as their dances!

Our local, Saltaire-based Rainbow Morris team were also out and about, dancing in the North-West clog tradition that developed around the cotton and woollen mills in the Pennines.


  1. I love anything like this as you are probably aware. Shame that the first morris side don't come from across the county - then they'd be the Beverley Hill Millies!

  2. I love the Hill Millies' outfits! They are like the Monty Python pepperpots!

  3. That's totally outside my experience! Fun shots, Jenny.

  4. I love these dancers! And you didn't invite me?


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