Thursday, 22 September 2016

A bit crowded

Saltaire Festival 2016 - The second weekend of the Festival has a very different character from the first and seems to attract people from much further afield. It's less creative and artsy and much more commercial. There is a live music stage and lots of food and drink stalls in Roberts Park, plus a market selling all manner of things. Then in the heart of the village on Exhibition Road there's another lot of tents, mostly selling street food, with live music from a stage in the carpark of Caroline's (the club) plus a few buskers scattered around the streets.

I can't say that it appeals to me a great deal. It all seems rather excessive, mostly designed to part people from their money! It is always very crowded though, so obviously a lot of people do enjoy it. This is the line of people trying to get into the park. I've been laid low with a heavy cold so I didn't feel like going out at all really. The weather, however, was unusually perfect - sunny and warm. (Annoying to feel so ill on such a lovely weekend!) I did dose up on paracetamol and venture out for an hour or so, just to get a few photos, though I can never really work out how to capture the atmosphere.


  1. Blimey that is a bit of a crowd! I'm not too good with the masses myself Jenny. Sorry to hear that you don't feel so good, the winter colds have been worse than ever here also. Take care and feel better soon.

  2. Too crowded for me too!
    Zinc lozenges are great for reducing the length of a cold if you can find them over there. I always bring some with me when I go to Britain.

  3. Food and live music. People tend to like that sort of thing. Sorry to hear you are feeling a little under the weather in the fine weather.

  4. It looks very crowded!

    Drink tea, and get your rest.

  5. Look at all of those people!!! So sorry to read that you haven't been feeling well. Rest, warmth and chicken soup!


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