Sunday, 18 September 2016

Flooding leads to hanging

Saltaire Festival 2016 - You will recall the dreadful flooding that happened in this area on Boxing Day 2015. Thankfully my home was fine but my workplace was inundated and it is only now, exactly nine months later, that we are able to move back to occupy it again. Ironically, we are moving back just two days before I retire! Hardly seems worth it, really!

The theme of the floods played a part in this year's Saltaire Festival, with a performance: 'Too much of Water', drawing on people's experiences. There was also an exhibition on the top floor of Salts Mill. 'The Power of Water' displayed colourful artwork by the children in our local schools and photographs taken by local people. Two of my photos were chosen and I was chuffed to bits* to see them printed and hanging on the wall.

* 'chuffed to bits' means 'very pleased, with slight overtones of surprise or embarrassment', for those who don't speak the dialect!


  1. Hi Jenny - flooding has been devastating for many ... continues on. Good luck with the move back ...

    Yet - enjoy retirement! Happy days ... cheers Hilary

  2. Dead chuffed for you, jennyfreckles. 'Chuffed' doesn't sound quite right coming from a soft southerner. But you get the sentiment.

  3. Bravo to you, and what timing on your retirement!

  4. Great shots of yours on display! I must have been watching Coronation Street for too long since I know all the local slang! ;-))

  5. Hey! Congratulations on having your work selected. The top one, in particular, seems to wrap up in one image much of the feeling of "what the heck happened here!?!" that many people must have had during the floods.

    And, so excited about your retirement . . . . . . .


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