Thursday, 1 September 2016

Getting wet in City Park

Working in Bradford means I often walk through the city centre and can enjoy whatever is going on there. The area around City Hall is called City Park (see also here). It has an innovative shallow pool that starts off at the beginning of each day as a dry, paved area and gradually fills up with water and fountains as the day goes on. Inevitably, it is a favoured place for children and families to come to paddle and splash. On a hot day in the middle of the school holidays, it is packed.

Here, I was trying a multi-exposure for my monthly online photo club theme: On the Street. The image had to be submitted in mono and although the mono has impact, I think on balance I personally prefer the coloured version.


  1. One would have thought that the citizens of Bradford would have had enough of getting wet in the winter. I think I prefer the colour version too.

  2. That would be popular in the summer.

  3. I like the one with color too! That would be so much fun to get into that water!

  4. What a joyful photo. The B&W is artsy but I like the colour.


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