Sunday, 4 September 2016

Piles of pillows

I adored the Guest Bedrooms at Chatsworth House., so cosy and comfortable looking. These reflect the Regency style, and their decor dates from the 1830s when 'country house parties' were fashionable. They retain much of their original furnishings and hand-painted Chinese wallpapers. The guest spent their days hunting, riding, reading and playing billiards, followed by evenings of formal dinners, after which there would be music and games of charades and the men would retire to smoke. Ladies had to change their outfits several times a day. Luckily the bedrooms provided seemed very luxurious.

Perhaps a later addition but I loved the idea of a bath hidden in a cupboard.

Queen Victoria slept in this bed, when she visited with Prince Albert in 1843.


  1. No kipping on the sofa or crashing out on the floor for Queen Victoria then?

  2. Lifestyles of the proverbial rich and famous!


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