Saturday, 17 September 2016

Salma Patel

Saltaire Festival 2016 - Salma Patel is a talented artist who carves cast plaster and different types of stone and marble. Her work draws on her cultural heritage as a British, Indian, Muslim woman and references architecture, nature and landscape as well as the rituals and rhythm of everyday life. She showed some bigger pieces at the Arts Trail in May but I enjoyed seeing these smaller motif pieces, which fitted nicely into the garden setting. She's a real enthusiast and was well on the way to encouraging me to try carving for myself!  It does rather appeal, though I think you have to be quite strong to do it so I'd need to build a few more muscles.

I really liked these smooth, curvy leaf shapes - very tactile.


  1. Hi Jenny - talented lady ... and I agree those smooth leaf shapes look very tactile - what a good idea to try ... muscle building coming up, I feel ... cheers hIlary

  2. I do like her work, and you've captured her portrait beautifully!

  3. Plaster has such a wonderful feel to it that those leaf shapes would be wonderful to touch!

  4. She does nice work. Maybe you should give it a try.


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