Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Willow wildlife

Saltaire Festival 2016 - This small boy seemed to believe the little prancing foal was real... and indeed, it looked very believable. The sculptor, Anna Turnbull, seems to have a knack of capturing the essence of an animal using only woven strips of willow. There is something about willow art that I really love, and it's interesting how different artists use the willow differently. These are constructed more loosely and with broader strips than those I saw in Wales recently (here and here) but were just as effective. Anna had also made the rabbit below, displayed in a pretty backyard with an Alice In Wonderland theme.


  1. They are very well done. The horse has real action.

  2. The horse looks to be very much alive.

  3. Amazing work!

    At that age kids are so full of wonder.

  4. I remember the willow sculptures to which your links relate. These are also fine and lifelike sculptures. As I remarked on the earlier post, most of the willow sculpture I have seen have been abstracts, so these are really interesting to me.


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