Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another happening

Ooh, ooh - something happening in Saltaire again...  Streets closed and lots of vans and activity. They're making another film. This time it is a big budget film called 'Funny Cow', documenting the struggle of a female British comedian (played by Maxine Peake, of 'Silk' fame) trying to crack the tough 1970's northern nightclub circuit. It also stars Vic Reeves. Saltaire is being used to recreate scenes from the comedian's childhood in the 1950s.

The film's producer, Kevin Procter, is quoted as saying: 'Saltaire is the perfect location for our film. It is cinematic. We have not had to build any sets. (Though they have converted the inside of a house on Mary Street to a 1950s' interior) It has given us a snapshot of England that we don't see anymore. It is a picture postcard of what Yorkshire used to be like.'

Look here at our local newspaper's article for some more photos, including the interiors.


  1. I see it's very similar to when they were filming the TV series "Grantchester" around here - vast amounts of equipment, road closures, dozens of people and a good deal of standing around. Incidentally if you watch the next series we should see the unusual sight of sunlight streaming in through the NORTH windows of the church as I saw they'd fitted up huge lights on that side of the building and blacked out the windows on the other side.

  2. Occasionally film or television production happens here, and one's always surprised by how much equipment they need.

  3. Some excitement for everyone but I know from the filming around here that it can be quite disruptive!

  4. Taken me straight back to my childhood as my grandparents lived in Caroline Street and seeing the recreated interiors was like being back there. Only think missing is the cocoa jug. Thank you so much for taking me on so many visual trips to my history of growing up in Shipley, Saltaire, Heaton, Bradford and Wilsden.


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