Saturday, 21 January 2017

Autumn, winter, spring?

We've had quite a few dull, damp, misty days lately, when the daylight never really seems to fully arrive. I find this time of year unutterably depressing if I let myself fall into the slough of despond. I need to motivate myself to get out and experience it anyway. Luckily, I've good friends who enjoy a walk too, so we donned our boots and waterproofs and did a seven miler right from our own front doors, hardly touching a road in the process. Actually, I felt overdressed in the end as it was very mild and after a while the act of walking itself generates quite some heat, especially going uphill. Though I was glad of the waterproof layers when I slipped in my muddy boots on a rock and landed on my behind in the mud!  My camera was, thankfully, unscathed, as was I. Nature is in transition; some trees never seem to lose their autumn leaves and then careful observation discovers some spring bulbs, mostly snowdrops, poking their way into the light. The photo is taken in the woods around Heaton.


  1. That's just like our current weather -- a day that never quite arrives. Very depressing-- made even more so by our new political reality. I wish I could go for a hike but the still healing ankle isn't up to it. Maybe just a brief stagger . . .

    Your photo is lovely -- and looks remarkably like our woods -- though our are steeper.

  2. We're covered in snow, but we get a lot of grey, overcast days here through the winter. I like this scene.

  3. We have the same weather here and I need some sun to cheer me up!

  4. It doesn't look anything like a winter photo. Your friends didn't catch a photo of you in the mud?


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