Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Back in time

'Funny Cow' filming in Saltaire
Obviously the public (me!) couldn't get too close to the actual filming. It was hard from a distance to really see what was going on and when they were actually filming 'takes'. There were various props scattered about - old vehicles, washing lines across the streets (Sir Titus will be turning over in his mausoleum!), billboards, old dustbins, prams and suchlike. It did look quite authentic to past times, I have to say. Actually, it was then hard to recall if they'd changed something... Surely Saltaire's back alleys are paved? Have they taken up the stones or thrown down some dirt? They had certainly added some old streetlamps to the corners of Mary Street and Fanny Street. 

Hard, too, to tell who were actors, who were the movie makers and who were just people like me being nosy. It was such a cold day that the actors had to don thick jackets and even duvets between 'takes'. I was part amused and part fascinated by the guy whose job was to create and waft smoke about. (No scene in the North of England prior to the 1970s is complete without a bit of smog, it seems!) I'm sure he does other exciting things as well. 


  1. The additions certainly do end up evoking a sense of the past. The smog's a neat touch!

  2. I love the shot of the alley!

  3. Exciting for you to see the filming. Maybe you can become an extra??


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