Sunday, 29 January 2017


I didn't take many photos at the Coppice Pond this time, as it was such a dull day with very low light. The lake, rather attractive in brighter conditions (see here), can look very bleak in poor weather. Even the ducks seemed a bit dejected, hanging around the edge in little groups. 

My friend introduced me to this hidden pathway, where a channel 'ducks' under an unusual old footbridge and then a sturdier bridge behind it that carries the estate driveway. I can only assume that at one time the channel was a water course. The Coppice Pond was a feeder lake for a fulling mill that stood to the east of the water. 


  1. The bridge looks very old, but welcoming.

  2. I like the ducks and the nature. The photos are wonderful despite low light.


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