Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Girl power

These are my own two powerful girls on the Shipley Women's March. It's more than 100 years since suffragettes fought for the right of women to vote in this country. That didn't come, fully, until 1928. It leaves me feeling very sad that the struggle for genuine equality and respect for women and minority groups, and against racism still continues and, in particular, that we have to fight so hard against the prejudices shown by those in government, who are supposed to represent us. We seem in some areas in danger of going backwards. Who'd have thought that we'd still be marching in the 21st century? I don't by any means think that marching is the solution to the issues that confront us but it's good to feel the unity and the potential, locally and across the nations.  (See here for an article about the Shipley March)


  1. Hi Jenny - it is extraordinary that we are still 'fighting' for our rights, and those rights others deserve. Wonderful the family joined in. People seem to be motivated to do more and highlight inequality ... I just hope we can succeed in the early 2,000s - we're not off to the best start ... but let's hope and good for all who supported the marchers ... delightful photos - cheers Hilary

  2. I fear the U.S. has just taken a large backwards step.

  3. I hope they don't need to be still fighting when they are our age!

  4. Great to see. As a comment above indicates, I do feel the Americans have stepped back, and badly.

  5. Cute girls. I wonder how much they understand about the marches.

    1. It's pretty hard to explain to a five year old, though their mum did try - and she has found some children's books that are useful resources, both in understanding the importance of valuing others and particularly empowering young girls. There's a good resource website called 'A Mighty Girl'. (You should tell Willa's parents about it. You can tell she's a mighty girl already!)


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