Wednesday, 25 January 2017


There was an interesting exhibition in Cartwright Hall, the art gallery in Lister Park in Bradford: 'Assignments 2016,' the year's best press photographs as chosen by the British Press Photographer's Association (BPPA). Some great stuff (see them all here).  There was one I particularly liked, taken by Peter Nicholls, of HM the Queen talking to someone. It just showed the back of her hat, with the other person gesticulating so that it looked like they were about to grab the hat. I think it's interesting that you can instantly recognise the Queen just from her hat!
After seeing the exhibition, I wandered through the surrounding park. There appeared to be a seagulls' convention going on.


  1. Thanks for that link to such excellent photos - what a gift Boris must be to photographers!

    1. Yes, indeed - and Trump will be too!

  2. A peaceful pond!

    Camilla with the knife is my favourite of that set!

  3. Great shots! A tranquil day for the gulls.

  4. I will have to return tomorrow to check out the photos. Meanwhile, gulls sure are sociable birds, aren't they?

  5. Beautiful....I'll look at the link too


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