Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Machine wheels

Bradford Industrial Museum - It always amazes me to see the huge variety of cogs and wheels in the machinery in the museum. I notice new variations each time I go. I like the different patterns and colours in the top image; three wheels, all different, all with a specific purpose.

The machine below was painted in muted greeny-brown colours but the red disc really stood out. I wondered if there was a reason this piece was painted red - danger, maybe? Seemed to cry out for a mono conversion and a colour-pop!


  1. I would think danger, yes. The circles of these wheels and gear really do make for fascinating images.

  2. It is actually a cast iron disc keyed on to the shaft. The cast bearing originally rotated an oscillating rod which has been removed. The paint damage has been caused by the spout of an oil-can as the fitter lubricated the bearing whilst it was turning. A wonderful photo!


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