Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Pink Lion?

There are zillions of pubs with the name The Red Lion, though I've not heard of a pink lion. Saltaire's four guardian lions, which sit outside the Victoria Hall (but are reputed to roam the streets at night) have been cleaned up and illuminated as part of the programme to improve the main street, Victoria Road. New streetlights, pavement repairs, reinstating stone setts in the road and felling some huge trees have opened up the area, though local opinion is divided on whether this has been for the better or not. I'm sure the lions must feel better for a good scrub (see here for the green lion!) and I suppose the removal of overhanging trees might slow down the algal growth in future. The floodlights cycle from white through pink, red, blue and green. With a slow shutter speed it was hard to catch a pure colour. Despite his pink tinge, I am sure Vigilance will continue diligently in his duties.


  1. He looks formidable, rather like Aslan.

    Every once in awhile stone like this needs to be cleaned. Pollution can mark it, but a power wash or sandblowing will clean it up nicely.

  2. Cleaning is good. Pink lights? The jury is out . . .


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