Thursday, 25 May 2017


Liverpool trip
To my delight, there was a Victorian carousel - Herbert Silcock's Golden Gallopers - at the end of Southport Pier. I love carousels. Since it was the week of the famous Grand National horse race (yes, ages ago!), held at the nearby Aintree racecourse, I decided that was a good excuse to treat myself to a ride, which I haven't done for... oh, at least 35 years! It was a smooth and graceful ride. I love the colours and the tinny organ music. This particular carousel was built over 100 years ago by Savages of Kings Lynn. It was purchased by the Silcock family, who run Southport's pier amusements, in 1989 and took three years to restore. A few of the 33 horses and the three cockerels are the originals but most are faithful reproductions. 


  1. Mr Savage of Kings Lynn is an interesting character who went on to become mayor of the town despite an impoverished upbringing, his father having been convicted of poaching and transported to Tasmania. His factory started out making traction engines and other agricultural machinery but was most famous for its steam-driven fairground rides. The factory has gone now though it still operated in my lifetime.

    1. How fascinating. Thanks for the info, John. I didn't know the back story.

  2. A good looking carousel. I haven't been on one of those since childhood, likely at a fall fair midway.

  3. My favorite ride! I always wanted to have one of those horses for my own.


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