Sunday, 28 May 2017

Things to smile about

Liverpool trip
Wandering around Southport, a few things caught my eye and made me smile. For one thing, despite it being a seaside town, I couldn't see the sea! Strong currents didn't seem to be a current issue.
The Lancashire coast is gradually silting up and the wide expanses of shallow sand mean that the tide goes in and out over a huge distance. So beware, as when it does come in (you can see the high tide mark in my photo) it comes in fast and unpredictably, and yes, there are strong cross-currents that have caught many people out and even caused fatalities.

A café close to the pier had a large area of seating outside. Being Britain, the day was cold and windy so there were just three brave souls sitting there. That didn't seem to bother the resident entertainer, who was belting out old favourite songs and a stream of banter as though the whole world was listening.

I chose not to sample the delights of the lawnmower museum! (Though it is, I'm sure, a cutting edge attraction). 

I was just thinking 'the North isn't all cloth caps and whippets' (a popular stereotype) when half a dozen whippets walked past!

The butt of jokes, perhaps...


  1. When I did my UK tour, we stopped for 2 days in Liverpool and I loved the city ! Of course we also went where the Beatles started singing, but it was so loud in there that I quickly took some pictures and waited outside for the others !

  2. Those whippets must be quite a handful to keep control of!

  3. Just take a careful look at that hard-worker entertaining against all odds. Maybe he is a new Eric Morecombe or Tony Hancock in the making? The stars are calling......I wish him well!


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