Monday, 15 May 2017

Yockenthwaite stone circle

My second visit to Yockenthwaite in as many weeks, but I went searching for this...
I got quite excited when I found it, this almost perfect prehistoric stone circle in Langstrothdale. It is thought to be a Bronze Age burial cairn. That means it could be 4000 years old... imagine that!

Although the Dales seem quiet and tranquil these days, in the past there was a lot more activity. There are traces, like this stone circle, of prehistoric times; there are Roman roads and settlements; there were medieval hunting forests; there are many remains of lead and coal mining, which began in Roman times but peaked from the 16th century onwards, dying out by the late 1800s. Nowadays it's all sheep farming and tourism. How things change.


  1. Wow! Stone circles are so magical.

  2. I love these signs of the (human) history of a place going back that far... We have quite a few stone circles and other burial sites in the area where I live too (Västergötland, Sweden)

  3. That is so interesting! Glad you were able to find it.

  4. You wonder what those of old would think about how much things have changed.

  5. I have a fascination for the stone circles Jenny.. wouldn't it be brilliant to be able to go back in stages to see what happened on the Dales over the centuries. Beautiful shots from yesterday.


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