Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Barley.... or wheat?

I'm not sure I can tell wheat from barley when it is growing... I always assume that our harvest fields are wheat but after 'googling' this, I am persuaded that this may be barley. Barley (apparently) has whiskery strands all along the ear whereas in wheat it is shorter and concentrated near the tip. Wheat tends to be more golden yellow and barley is paler. Wheat tends to stay more upright than barley when ripe; barley heads can bow over. I may be completely wrong, of course! Anyway, the flat Lincolnshire arable fields were full of ripe crops and the harvest was in full swing when I was there in August.


  1. Whatever it is, it's very photogenic!

  2. Nice photo, of barley.
    Thank you for the info, I didn't know the difference until reading your post.

  3. I wouldn't know the difference either!


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