Friday, 1 September 2017

Headless chickens?

The River Avon at Stratford is well-known for the large gatherings of mute swans. (In fact one of the auditoriums inside the Royal Shakespeare Theatre is called the Swan theatre.)  The lawns around the theatre are covered in feathers. This seems to be where the birds do their preening.

It was such a dull day that capturing the river attractively proved to be difficult. A black and white conversion brings a bit of cohesion to the scene, taken from the terrace outside the theatre.  There were not many people braving the slightly choppy water in rowing boats.


  1. The swans are lovely. There's something about row boats that's calm and thought provoking. Very nice photo

  2. In 1974 I stood on the bridge right whilst Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother passed beneath me. With IWA officials she was officially opening the Upper Avon Navigation. The Poet Laureate John Betjemann wrote a very fine poem to celebrate the occasion.

  3. How birds possibly are that agile with their necks is beyond me!

  4. The river shot looks cold! The B&W works well.


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