Monday, 11 September 2017

Lincoln Cathedral

We didn't go into Lincoln Cathedral this time. See HERE for a photo I took on a previous visit. 

There were a few Knight sculptures in the Cathedral precincts. 'The Lincoln City Knight' by Leah Goldberg celebrates the local football club's promotion to Sky Bet League Two at the end of the 2016-17 season. The Knight's shield is signed by the team's players. It is, perhaps, a rather incongruous choice to place at the front of the Cathedral but then football is, for many, a religion. The creature on the front of the horse is the Lincoln Imp, a carving that can be found in the Cathedral (see HERE).

'Inside Out', by Erin Fleming, is sited behind the Cathedral near the Chapter House. It has references to the pillars and vaulting inside the building, which are likened to trees. 

Below is the full glory of Lincoln's octagonal Chapter House, with its wonderful flying buttresses. Built between 1220 and 1235, the Chapter House was an annex to the Cathedral, where the cathedral chapter (clerics appointed to advise the bishop) would have met. King Edward II held a parliament here in 1316. 


  1. The football team are nicknamed "The Imps" though, after the grotesque carving of an imp inside the cathedral.

    1. Ah, didn't realise that was their nickname.

  2. Its amazing how old these buildings are and still standing.

  3. I have never before seen such flying buttress supports. I like them very much.

  4. The cathedral is magnificent.

    The knights remind me somewhat of the painted tulip sculptures we see here during our tulip festival.


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