Thursday, 7 September 2017

One garden, three butterflies

I was delighted to see a lot of butterflies and bees in the walled garden at Scampston. It was warm and sunny so the butterflies were flitting about a bit too much to get good photos.

The top photo is a Red Admiral, the second a Peacock and the bottom one, I think, is a Large White. None of them are rare but butterflies in general are under some threat so it's really good to see them.


  1. I live in rural Weserbergland and one would think we should have lots of flutterbies. Sadly this is not the case. I think perhaps the pesticides used in intensive farming has killed them off. I believe Bayer intend to take over Monsanto so the situation does not look good.

  2. They always seem like such magical creatures when you see them fluttering around! We have the Monarch Butterflies starting their migration down to Mexico and you see them drifting by and wonder how they can survive those thousands of miles!

  3. We have the Whites and the Red Admirals over here. Right now my flowers are covered with Painted Ladies butterflies. You photos turned out great.


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