Sunday, 8 July 2012

Cilgerran Castle

Wales has many historic castles, and Cilgerran is a particularly evocative example.  Set high above the River Teifi, a castle has occupied this site since the 1100s and the existing structure probably dates back to 1220 or thereabouts. It was fought over many times, and was held for a while by Owain Glyndwr during the Welsh wars of independence but it ceased to be a military stronghold in the 1400s.  It has been in ruins for at least 500 years but is still a romantic and imposing structure.  It's now run by the National Trust.


  1. Places like this always feel as though their density owes as much to the concentration of history, as the building materials.

    1. Interesting thought, Martin. It certainly did feel like there was a weight of history there. The area was hotly contested by the Welsh and the English over the years.

  2. A forerunner of the modern gated community.


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