Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mermaid watch

In the evenings, the light on the Teifi estuary is often very beautiful, making the white yachts glow. The wooden mermaid sculpture apparently commemorates an old legend - the Peregrine Legend.  A local fishermen, Peregrine, captured a mermaid in his catch of herring.  In order to gain her release, she promised him that whenever a storm was coming, she would warn him. He set out with other boats on 30 September 1789, but on the way out to sea the mermaid appeared and warned him of an approaching storm. He turned back with his boat and crew but the other fishermen laughed and refused to heed the warning.  The local church records that 27 local fishermen lost their lives that night in a freak storm.

This is the first photo I've tweaked slightly in Lightroom (a jpeg; I haven't tried RAW yet).  It was able to bring back more detail in the highlights on the boats than Photoshop did, though I'm far from expert with it yet.  It looks promising though...


  1. It looks lovely, all that technical talk about photos is over my head though I am afraid!

  2. I just love mermaids and hearing the many legends and stories of them. That light is fabulous! ~Lili

  3. It's a lovely image, Jenny. A serene scene at my favorite time of the day. What made me stop here on my scroll down to catch up on your posts is your comment that Lightroom brought back more detail than Photoshop. How can that be? Photoshop is far more the sophisticated image editor: I'm also scrolling down to find the image of the scene that someone had edited to HDR... saw that while I was on the road but did not have time to leave a comment.

    1. It is, Francisca, but nevertheless I managed a better result on the highlights on this particular photo in LR than PS. It's probably me rather than the image editor! I don't shoot RAW yet, so I was editing jpegs. Maybe LR is just a bit simpler to use than PS for some things. Bear in mind that the PS package I had before was the very first one (CS) and now I only have Elements 10, not the full version. And I am still learning how to use both LR and PS Elements on my new computer, so I'm very inexpert yet. It's easy these days to go a bit OTT with editing. I'm trying to keep a subtle touch and was interested in your views on HDR.


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