Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Spotted today in Saltaire and snapped on my iPhone (still rubbish at using it!)..

A quick topical quiz question.... what is this?  And why is it here?


  1. Since you've labeled the picture "blue carpet," I assume that's what it is. And I suspect it's reason for being there is something uniquely British, which those of us who have been in North America for 8 generations couldn't possibly guess.

  2. HM Queen Elisabeth will soon be visiting you?...

    1. Clever girl! You're a very good guesser. The Queen will visit the Pace Factory in Salts Mill tomorrow, as part of the Jubilee celebrations as she travels the country. They seem to think she can't walk on cobblestones! I don't think I will see her - I will be at work. But I'll try and find some news to share about it later. I always thought the carpet had to be red - maybe that's just for the Oscars!

  3. Times are tough everywhere. Maybe they ran out of red carpet. ;-) It's also much shorter than I would expect it to be for the Queen. My dogs have longer carpets strips in my kitchen just so they don't slide on the vinyl floor!

    God save the Queen.

  4. I thought it would have to be red as well, but perhaps they're coordinating with her outfit.

  5. People lay down carpets when I visit them, too. I get so tired of red carpets. It is refreshing when I encounter a blue carpet. H.M. Queen Elizabeth will no doubt also be pleased to see a blue carpet when she arrives.

  6. I cheated and read the comments...never would have guessed! (o:

  7. Ah, I've just read the local paper. It's a ROYAL Blue carpet, of course!


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