Sunday, 23 September 2012

Aagrah Food Festival

Another 'first' for this year's Saltaire Festival was the Aagrah Food Festival in Roberts Park.

The Aagrah is a local Asian restaurant chain, based in Shipley, that produces high-quality foods that are justifiably popular among all sections of the local community. I'm not a huge fan of curry generally but the cuisine in the Aagrah is really tasty and very subtly flavoured.  There is a help-yourself buffet, so it's easy to try new things.

They have for several years been a major sponsor of the Saltaire Festival.  This year they had a garden restaurant in the park, where you could sample all sorts of foodie treats. They also hosted a series of masterclasses and demonstrations of Asian  cuisine.  Stephanie Moon, a well-known 'celebrity chef' (daughter of a Yorkshire farmer, who started her training at Craven College, Skipton) was also due to give a talk and demonstration.

This handsome young man was 'drumming up custom' and welcoming visitors; he happily posed for a photo. He is wearing traditional south Asian costume and carries a dohl drum.

An elaborately carved water-melon.


  1. Super photograph of the drummer, jennyfreckles. Nothing quite like the sound of the dohl in full flight.

  2. It would be a shame to eat that watermelon.

  3. Looks like there was some great things to see and hear.

  4. Nice shot of the young man, and Wow, that watermelon is terrific. I'm not a big fan of this food, but I'm trying . . .

  5. Sounds delicious and looks colourful. Those food carvings are amazing.


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