Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bradford Cathedral

A hidden treasure on the same side of the city as Little Germany, Bradford's Cathedral Church of St Peter provides a little oasis of green gardens and calm space. It started life as a parish church, and lacks the soaring grandeur of many of our cathedrals - but I like it because of that. It is an attractive building with a warm and intimate feel inside. Parts of the building date back to the mid-15th century and the tower was added in 1508 but it only became a cathedral in 1919 when the Diocese of Bradford was created. It was extended in the 1950s and 60s and a major re-ordering in 1987 also freed up space to enable it to cope with the big civic and religious occasions that are part of the life of a cathedral.

It has recently gone though some hard times, caused largely by the collapse of an ambitious but fundamentally flawed project to found a museum of faith in St Peter's House, the old Post Office building which is at the front of the cathedral. That left the cathedral authorities with a mountain of debt which had to be tackled. The former Dean, David Ison, did a great job of steering the church into a much better place. He left earlier this year to take up the post of Dean of St Paul's Cathedral in London. Their gain is definitely our loss!


  1. This Cathedral has a very 'village church' look to it. Will we get to take a peep inside?

    1. Not this time, Martin, as we couldn't go in - there was a wedding taking place.

  2. What a charming church. That bench outside looks like a good place to sit and rest for a while.

  3. Charming is the word I would use too. I love the tower!

  4. A fine parish church and a fitting cathedral. Many of our Episcopal cathedrals began life as parish churches, so we're used to cathedrals that are less grand than some of the European ones.

  5. Lovely! Intimate and would be the perfect place for a wedding!

  6. OK, we just don't have these really cool old building here in the US...I would love to travel along with you...thanks for taking us along through your photos.


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